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Payments & Refunds

Payment is Due at the Time of Service.

Our office accepts the following types of payments:

  • Cash
  • Personal check
  • Traveler’s check
  • Money Order
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

All co-payments, deductibles and non-covered services are due at the time of service unless you have made payment arrangements in advance of your appointment.

Insurance-required co-payments are due when you check in for your appointment. If you arrive without your co-payment, we may ask you to reschedule.

If your co-payment is based on a percentage (example 20% of the allowed payment) and you do not have a secondary policy, please be prepared to pay a minimum of $50.00 on (each) date of service.

Patient responsible balances are due when you check in for your appointment.

  • All balances are due in full within 45 days of the statement date.
  • If you cannot pay the balance in full within 45 days, please contact our Patient Accounts Specialist to see if you qualify for special payment options.
  • It is your responsibility to notify the office of any change in address, phone, employment, or insurance coverage.
  • If you make an overpayment on your account, we will issue a refund only if there are no other outstanding debts on other accounts with the same guarantor or financially responsible party.
  • There is a service fee of $25 for returned checks.
  • A no-show fee may be charged if your appointment is cancelled with less than a 24 hour notice.
  • We reserve the right to report delinquent accounts to credit bureaus, assess a collection fee, take other collection action, or terminate you as a patient of this practice.
  • FMLA Paperwork - Please allow 7-10 business days to complete. Fee $20
  • We may charge a fee of $20 for any presscription that is refilled via phone request.

Important Notice

Beginning January 2, 2014, please show your insurance card, drivers license and pay your co-pay before seeing the physician or before treatment begins.

If your insurance has changed, please advise the receptionist or our medical assistant when arriving for your appointment.

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