Billing & InsuranceWe are here to help with your insurance questions.

Proof of Insurance

Please bring your insurance card(s) with you to each appointment. (Medicare, Medicaid, Secondary Insurance Cards). Photo ID is required.

It is your responsibility to notify the practice of changes in your health insurance. If we are not informed prior to the appointment and services are not pre-certed, patient is responsible for payment.

Depending on your insurance benefits, the amount collected at your visit may be based on estimated charges. Remember that you will be responsible for any balance due after your insurance has paid.

Charges associated with YOUR TREATMENTS are estimates based on previous services provided by LCBD Center. The actual cost of care varies from one patient to another because all of our medical care is individualized to best meet your needs. Your treatment or procedure may take more or less time than expected. And, your care could require more time for additional observation or other unplanned services.

For the financial health of our office, it is our policy to collect all amounts owed before services are rendered. If no arrangements for payment have not been made your treatment may be denied or delayed if your financial obligation is not met before the service date. Talk to us before you arrive so that your visit/treatment is easy and hassle-free.

Important Notice

Beginning January 2, 2014, please show your insurance card, drivers license and pay your co-pay before seeing the physician or before treatment begins.

If your insurance has changed, please advise the receptionist or our medical assistant when arriving for your appointment.

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